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Thermal imaging survey:

A deposit of £100 is due when appointment is confirmed and the balance to be paid the day before the inspection is carried out by our expert inspectors.

Snagging list is a term used to describe an inspection to find faults and defects in your home that the builder can rectify before or shortly after you take posession of your new home.

The snagging inspection takes about three hours in total, but it really depends how many snags we find during the process.

 The short answer is no. The cover from the warranty provider is not affected at all.

The builders like these lists as soon as possible, but you have up to two years

Snagging surveys are important to identify any defects or issues in new houses or renovated properties. 

These surveys can range from a basic visual inspection to a more comprehensive investigation depending on the type of property and the scope of work. 

It is advisable to pay for snagging surveys as they can prevent potential headaches or costly repairs in the future. 

Also, most developers or contractors have a snagging period where they are obligated to repair any defects found during the survey. 

Ensure that the surveyor is qualified and experienced in the field, and read through the terms and conditions of the contract before agreeing to any services. 

While it may seem like an additional expense, paying for a snagging survey can save you a lot of money and stress down the line.

A house snagging survey is a close check done on a newly-built house before you move in. 

A professional snagging company like Ready 2 Inspect will find problems or mistakes that need fixing. Our survey looks at everything in the house, like the walls, roof, and plumbing. It also makes sure that the house was made with good solid materials and skill. 

Our goal is to find anything that could potentially be dangerous, lead to problems with the house in the future and ultimately affect your quality of life. Once the detailed survey is complete, you’ll get a report that lists any problems and what repairs are needed. 

Getting a report on a house before you buy it gives you confidence that it’s safe to live in and well-made and the peace of mind knowing that once you move in, everything is stable and as it should be.

When you buy a new house, a professional surveyor checks the property for any problems or unfinished work. 

The percentage of problems found is called the “house snagging percentage“. 

It is calculated by dividing the number of issues found by the total number of things checked and expressing it as a percentage. If the percentage is high, it means there are more problems with the house that need to be fixed before you can live there. This could mean the work was not done properly or with good quality materials. 

Ready 2 Inspect will make sure the builders fix these problems before the house can be considered ready for you to move in.

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